concave overview

Cocavé has been so successful, we've actually started a new division of our company, added 20+ products to the line and are now allowing people to customize, label and sell the products themselves!


Cocavé Personal Care Products

Pure, Healthy, Natural Personal Care Solutions

Cocavé (co-cah-vey) is the world's first Coconut Oil, Coconut Water and Agave Nectar personal care line! Cocavé blends four exotic ingredients that nourish your skin; Coconut Oil, Coconut Water, Blue Agave Nectar and Mexican Vanilla. Organic coconuts have been used for centuries as rejuvenating skin enhancers that give your skin and hair a young and healthy glow. Agave, another organic ingredient, was used by the Mesoamericans for its skin healing and moisture preserving properties. Blended, they create a unique formula that replenishes and rejuvenates. We also use ingredients like aloe, jojoba, shea butter, avocado oil and more in our Cocave personal care products. We even offer Massage Insurance


Cocavé All Natural Lotion, Shampoo and Conditioner

  • cocaveconditioner-177mlmexicanvanillascent
    Cocave Conditioner - 177 ml Mexican Vanilla Scent$7.95
  • cocaveconditioner-6packfreecustomlablesincludedfreeshipping
    Cocave Conditioner - 6 Pack (Free Shipping)$39.95
  • cocave-dandruffrelief
    Cocave Dandruff Relief 15 ml Mix w/Shampoo & Conditioner$9.95
  • cocave-eucalyptus
    Cocave Eucalyptus 15 ml Rejuvenates Brain & Muscles$9.95
  • cocave-extrabody
    Cocave Extra Body 15 ml Mix w/Shampoo & Conditioner$9.95
  • cocave-frankincense
    Cocave Frankincense 15 ml Calms Nerves & Muscles$39.95
  • cocaveimmuneboost15mlkillsgerms
    Cocave Immune Boost 15 ml Kills Germs$12.95
  • cocavelemon15mlrefreshing
    Cocave Lemon 15ml Refreshing$9.95
  • cocavemassageoil-237mlnoscent
    Cocave Massage Oil -237 ml No Scent$7.95
  • cocavemusclerelief5mlapplytosoremuscles
    Cocave Muscle Relief 5 ml Apply To Sore Muscles$29.95
  • cocaveoregano15mlhealingointment
    Cocave Oregano 15 ml Healing ointment$12.95
  • cocaveshampoo-117mlmexicanvanillascent
    Cocave Shampoo - 117 ml Mexican Vanilla Scent$7.95
  • cocaveshampoo-6packfreecustomlabelsincludedfreeshipping
    Cocave Shampoo - 6 Pack (free shipping)$39.95
  • cocavesoothe15mlrelaxesthebody
    Cocave Soothe 15 ml Relaxes The Body$12.95
  • cocavesweetorange15mlenergizes
    Cocave Sweet Orange 15 ml Energizes$5.95
  • cocaveteatree15mlhealing
    Cocave Tea Tree 15 ml Healing$9.95